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Costa Rica Tour

(12 days, 10 nights)

€2975 per person

Price for at least 6 people

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With just 51,100 km², Costa Rica is considered one of the 25 countries richest in biodiversity on the planet. In this small territory, it is estimated that over 500,000 species inhabit, representing 6% of the world's biodiversity.

The reasons for such biodiversity in such a small country are as follows:
Geographical location
Costa Rica is located south of Central America, in the planet's intertropical zone.

That's why we invite you to discover within a fifty-kilometer radius different climates, flora, and fauna.

Accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the cost of all visits are included in the price.

Day 1
Paris / San Jose
We will wait for you at the airport to begin the adventure in the land of "PURA VIDA," "If the country of Keylor Navas"...
In a little over an hour, we will arrive at our mountain hotel, have dinner, and then rest.

Day 2
7:00 - Typical breakfast
8:00 - Departure to visit Manuel Antonio Park. Observation hike, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and birds. After a picnic on the beach, relax on one of the calmest, most beautiful, and safest beaches in the country.
17:00 - Return to Tarcoles
20:00 - Dinner at the hotel.


Day 3
6:00 - Departure to the Tárcoles center for the observation of ARA MACAO
7:00 - Breakfast at the hotel.
8:30 - Visit to Carara National Park
12:30 - Lunch at the hotel.
14:00 - Departure for Monte Verde
16:40 - Check-in at the hotel
19:00 - Dinner.


Day 4
7:30 - Breakfast at the hotel.
8:15 - Visit to Selvatura Park, walk to enjoy the "Cloud Forest" from the Suspension Bridges. Bird watching and butterfly farm.
12:30 - Lunch
Free afternoon in Santa Elena,
18:00 - Dinner and return to the hotel.


Day 5
7:40 - Breakfast.
Free morning. Inquire about options or rest.
12:00 - Lunch
13:00 - Departure to the Guanacaste region.
16:00 - Arrival at the hotel in Playas del Hermosa.
19:00 - Dinner at the hotel.


Day 6
7:00 - Breakfast.
7:45 - Enjoy a day at the Adventure Center, with all activities included. Horseback riding, Canopy, Hot Springs, Mud Bath, coffee show, Cultural activities, Hike to the waterfall and Pozas. Lunch included.
17:30 - Return to the Hotel
19:00 - Dinner.


Day 7
7:30 - Breakfast.
Free morning. Enjoy the beach.
11:45 - Light lunch
12:30 - Catamaran tours, snorkeling, and sunset tours. Snacks, fruits, and open bar.
18:40 - Return to the hotel
20:00 - Dinner.


Day 8
7:00 - Breakfast
7:45 - We leave to discover the famous Palo Verde National Park. Enjoy the "Dry Forest" with its Tempisque river. You can see monkeys, crocodiles, and seabirds. Lunch included in a traditional farm.
12:00 - Typical lunch cooked on wood fire.
13:00 - Departure for Tamarindo beach.
18:30 - Return to the hotel.
20:00 - Dinner.


Day 9
7:00 - Breakfast
7:45 - We depart for the Tenorio Volcano National Park. Characterized by its "Tropical Forests."
9:45 - Walk to its main attraction, the beautiful Rio Celeste and its turquoise blue waterfall. It is said that when God painted the sky, He washed His brushes in this river.
12:30 - Lunch in the area.
15:00 - Accommodation at the hotel in Arenal. Enjoy the XXXXOJO hot springs.


Day 10
7:40 - Breakfast.
8:30 - Visit to Arenal Volcano and the Danaus Eco-Center where there is an interesting botanist garden and a butterfly farm. Also, sloths, birds, and other animals can be observed.
11:00 - Enjoy the magnificent view of the rainforest from the cable car. With the Arenal Volcano as the background of your photograph. Don't forget the camera.
13:00 - Lunch
Enjoy the hotel's hot springs
20:00 - Dinner.


Day 11
8:00 - Breakfast
9:00 - Departure for Alajuela, visit to the Souvenir street
12:40 - Lunch
15:00 - From there to the airport.

Day 12
Pure Life

It is possible
● Add more days and more activities.
● Add more rest days.
● Do fewer activities, if necessary.

This rate includes:
• 10 nights accommodation in 3-star hotels, all hotel taxes included
In a double occupancy room
If a single occupancy is required, the cost must be consulted
• All transfers and visits
• All breakfasts, lunches, and dinners
• All tickets for national parks or similar
• Water during the tours
• A French-speaking guide will accompany you from the first day at the airport until the last day
• Economy class flight from Paris
The ticket price is calculated at 800 euros. If at the time of booking it is lower, it will be credited to the client, and if it is higher, we will inform you.
OTHER OPTION: That the group buys the tickets directly and reduces 800 euros from the budget
Our system allows if you have accumulated miles or a corporate discount. You can use it. When you or your travel group purchase airline tickets. Directly.

These rates do not include:
- Departure tax ($29 per person)
- International insurance
- All "pre-seat" fees for your choice of seats per person per flight
- Tips. Starting from $100 and more for the entire tour
- The difference of more than 800 euros for the plane ticket


Why a guide and not rent a car
In Costa Rica, traffic is dense, the streets are narrow, and it rains frequently, in addition to rush hours. 

The experience of a rental car to travel half of the country can easily ruin your vacation due to fatigue and time wasted looking for places of interest. Also, the possibility of an accident or theft. 

In addition, on the animal watching trails the guide usually encounters quetzals, toucans, and various animals. That an inexperienced walker will not see. 

In summary, with a guide, it's a tour, without a guide, it's very likely to be just a walk, in addition to the energy that our guides accompany you

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